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Wasn't disappointed (20th november)

In m'y lesson today i was reminded That "hasn't been disappointed" signifies That the hero is Still living in San Francisco which is not Indicated in the text. The good answer would have been , according to the correction, "wasn't disappointed".
I don't agree. " wasn't disappointed " suggests the hero isn't leaving in SF anymore you Say. But this is not specified in the text either. Your corrections should observe grammar And Forget about the intentions of the exercise maker. IT is not the Time i notice This pratice of yours but have on Time to mention it most of the Time. Both answers are valid.


  • Hello,

    "Wasn't disappointed" doesn't indicate that the character isn't living in SF anymore. It just means that at the time of the story, he was not disappointed.

    However, "hasn't been disappointed" does indicate that the character still lives in SF. There is no evidence for this in the text, and that's why it is an incorrect answer.

    I hope this helps.

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