English Vocabulary

digit - figure - finger

Who'd be so kind as to help me making the difference between
digit vs figure
digit vs finger ?
I count on a competent and helpful person kind of a Silky or a Jean-Pierre to enlighten me.
Thanks in advance.


  • a digit = un chiffre (au sens un caractère). A number is made of several digits.
    figures = les chiffres (dans le sens les résultats, les prix). Last quarter sales figures were disapointing.

  • Well copied. Thanks, Jim.

    Though I wonder whether 'figure' can't sometimes be used to name a written/typed sign, synonym of digit. For instance people say: "the inflation is coming in double figures"; "the quarter results came to six figures".
    On the one hand I read "a three-digit number" but on the other hand "a six-figures number".

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