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In the last lesson "Social network" I have to disagree. "Born the" is not the ideal answer and I hesitated before selecting it, but Birthday is not (in English) the date of birth, but the anniversary of the date of birth. Hence my birthday might be the 11th December (every year), but the 11th December 1958 is my "date of birth", not my "birthday".


  • I'd say that your birthday falls on December 11.
    December 11, 1958: that's your date of birth or "birth day" (2 words)
    Am I blathering? I dunno.
    You were born on a December 11 anyway.
  • I think I can agree. "Birthday" is the day on which we celebrate (or at least commenorate) our birth on an annual basis (some of us consider the anniversary of their birth as a reason for celebration, for some it's more a cause for mourning, and others don't mind at all).

    "Date of birth" is the official way of denoting the exact date on which you were born. Maybe, in a rather sloopy, casual usage of English, "birthday" is used synonymously with "date of birth".
  • it's exiting

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