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Road movies

i can't find a satisfaying translation in french, i mean, satisfaying for me.
All suggestions are welcome.


  • As for me, Gwendy, I don't translate it. I use the English word in my French speech. Anyway I prefer to be a living hiker than a watcher of hikes on the screen.
  • I looked up in my R&Collins dictionary. Even top-French speakers don't translate, if not by the very same English expression.

    But wait and see. A talented poet could possibly find out an odd translation.
  • but since... i can get no satisfaction... is the poet on line ? what is he doing to satisfy my .... curiosity ? probably on the road again.
  • Hi,
    why not " Fuite en avant " ?
  • Certainly, it's a good translation... but there are "fuite en avant" that don't happen on the road...There are lists of road movies on the web : Easy Rider / Thelma & Louise / The Grapes of Wrath / Pierrot Le Fou / Little Miss Sunshine...
  • The last one : "Mobil home" a road movie without a move. Anybody saw it ?

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