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I need help for technical tanslation, how can I translate :
une chambre de tirage (BTP), it is a hole to catch and to pull cable.
thanks in advance


  • 'pull pit'
    is the way I'd translate 'chambre de tirage'.

    Last time I boarded the Eurotunnel with my car I had some troubles with the British Transport Police (BTP) and so far I didn't know the it shared anything with the French Bâtiment et Transport Public (BTP) namely an abbreviation.

    Anyway I'm not a specialist in laying cables neither along railway tracks or roads nor inside buildings floors. However when I have to pull wire cables through preboxed ducts, I think to myself (in English for I'm a English learner along the GymGlish) that the place where the pull through has to be worked out is called a cable pulling pit.

    But according to my researches the term usually used is simply "pull pit".
    In French: chambre de tirage
    In Dutch: trekkamer (possibly copied from the French)
    In English: pull pit (they always want to be self-sufficient! lol)

    In support of my translation I hand you over this pointer.
    Go to http://www.proz.com/kudoz/1573112
  • Amazing!
    Until now I knew that preachers climbed up the pulpit to deliver sermons.
    I didn't know that cable layers went down the pull pit to pull cables through.
  • Thank you very much for your prompt reply !
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  • This Forum works pretty well !!!! :) (i like that!!!)

    Peace Out,
    Willy -
  • Hello i have a question
  • From habib66:
    Hello i have a question


    If you have a question that you keep enclosed in your mind, you are a witty man!
    Peter Ustinov once said: "Once we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our mind, our duty is to furnish it well."
    Keeping the questions - and their answers as well - cosy hidden in the bottom of your mind, you make yourself sure to get a lavishly furnished treasure. Nobody can rob it.
    That makes me think of this story that happened to a friend of mine.
    His son, 10, was deemed for being clever.
    He asked his mother: Hey, mum, my intelligence, did I receive it from you or from dad?
    The mother answered: From dad, sure. Because I've still got mine.
  • with gymglish lessons I'm try to speak and to understand english words the main problem I have his pronunciation

    Thank for your help
  • Hello
    I don't know the english name for " planche contact". could somebody help me ? I did not find in the dictionnary (harrap's).thanks a lot
  • To Vlakipum
    I suppose your "planche-contact" is about photographs printed by contact without any enlargement.
    For my part, until now, I've said "contact sheet" but according to my research, I'd rather say "contact plate" or "contact print".

    Webster: "contact print" (def.: a photographic print made with the negative in contact with the sensitized paper, plate or film.)

    Wordreference.com: "contact plate" (http://www.wordreference.com/enfr/printing%20)

    N.B. First meaning of "plate" : smooth flat thin piece of material.

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