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Routine ?

- I know wtat is a "routine" when it's just the same meaning as the french word
( un action regurlaly followed)
- I knom what is a "routine" when it's a process, technical process of any kinds, especially about computer.

BUT, i can't find the french word for a "danse routine" :
- it's not a choreography,
- it's more gymnastic i Think,
- it's not the first number of a spectacle,

May I say it's an "enchaînement" ?

Skills are required for response,
Thanks "skills".


an exemple of a "routine", which make, me questionable about it : pleasure, amazement, wondering and perhaps fears.


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  • What a long way from Routine !
    I just wonder," Routine" could be joyful or harmful it depends of the use of it ! Who knows ?

    Armstong, Jesus , oh Lord, please tell me.... ohhhh... please, oh.... Lord, tell me, cause i' am a routine, a poor incomprehensible routine,
    oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord...
    Don't ask me why.... but I am a routine
    I can't help it ? can i ? should I , oh Lord, i'am a routine that's my fame, oh Lord !

    nb : I don't know the film Youkihug mentionned, but Wiki surely
  • Thank you, YOUKIHUG, for adding a precious point.

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