English Grammar

stupid machine answer

machine says: would like to go is wrong

but it suggests would like TO GO sleep

I feel like going to see Aunt Mildred today. Do you would like want to go with me?

would like: The expression 'would like' can only be followed be verb in the full infinitive form: I would like TO GO to sleep.

Using it in this sentence would be grammatically incorrect.
want: We use 'want' here because the verb 'to go' is in the infinitive form. The conjugated verb 'want' can only be followed by a verb in its full infinitive form: I want TO EAT, she wants TO SING.


  • Hi there,

    The reason your choice was wrong is that "would like" cannot follow "do you".

    You can say "do you want to go with me" or "would you like to go with me", but you cannot fuse them both together!

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