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Flash mob ?

Is there a french word for "flash mob" ? or is it again a word adopted by french people ?
Who knows ?

Anywhay, a lot of musical flash mob on the net, from everywhere :
Some very pleasant, a few rather ridiculous, but so many actually gorgeous.



  • I don't think 'Flash mob' has to be translated as it originates in the USA.
    As you let it see, a flash mob is often a funny prank but it has also been set to rob a shop.
    As a prank it lets me think of other trends that thrived a couple of years ago in many big European towns, I mean the "free hugs" or the "freeze". I for one partook with a team in a frozen happening in the Central Station of Brussels in 2009.
    GymGlish users can find more about the "flash mob" at Answers.com, my favorite dictionay.
  • back home, thanks for your answer.

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