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Alert about missing answers


I've been a gymglish user for three years and sometimes I miss some parts in the daily exercice. Instead of warning me, the test is taken in account and the missed parts are considered as "not done".
Maybe I should pay more attention before sending my answers but it would me great to have a message warning you about it.

Keep up the good work, it's always fun to learn with you guys !


  • I hope you don't have a grim mood because of that, Mr. Grimm.

    But I can concur. The same oversight has happened to me a few times, but fortunately, I hasn't as yet reflected in my general level (which had increased constantly until it has reached the sky two years ago).

    Don't be worried. It won't diminish your accomplishments at all, all the more if you have been an assiduous participant for three years already.

    Taking a blank answer into account when a lesson is submitted might be a pertinent assignment for the programmers behind GymGlish, though. Why not?
  • Gi guys,

    Due to technical restrictions, we are unable to provide a more dynamic interface within each GymGlish lesson. This would normally require JavaScript which is incompatible with most e-mail clients. This is why we cannot implement an alert message at the end of each GymGlish lesson to inform users that they have not completed every exercise, or provide a running percentage of the amount of exercises completed.

    Once a GymGlish lesson has been sent, we can't cancel it or change your score. However, if you have forgotten to complete a grammar exercise, it will be shown to you again in a future lesson (this is why the answers aren't shown in the correction). Furthermore, all exercises marked 'NOT DONE' in your correction e-mail will not affect your general score.

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