English Vocabulary

Try it on for size

I don't understand that expression in my today's lesson, unfortunately:

-once upon a time you received this exercise. Try it on for size -

What does it mean?


  • Dear poet,

    'Try it on for size' is a usual expression that comes from a situation where someone is trying garments or shoes: Try it on to see if the size suits you.
    But the expression has come to be used, sort of as an idiom, for any situation where something is to be tried.
    In French we say "Essaie un peu pour voir."
    In German it could likely be "Probieren Sie es fur Grösse an" but I unfortunately can't speak German, so I don't know if that expression in German has spread off to any general situation. But anyway YOU know.
  • Oh I see! Thank you!
  • In German you could say: Probieren Sie es an, um zu sehen, ob es passt....
    ....um zu sehen, ob die Größe stimmt.
    The English version is short and elegant.

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