English Grammar

not understood 'they'

Hi all,

From my last lesson, I read the following sentence : "It is often used when an innocent person is 'framed' for a crime they didn't commit." where I don't understand why 'they' is used instead of 'he' or 'she'.

is there somebody to help me ?
Thanks in advance.


  • "they" is used in those cases in which we refer to a person whose sex is not determined. "He" and "she" determines the sex of the person, and in order to avoid the more cumbersome construction "he or she", English native speakers often use "they" (oder "their" or "them" in other cases) instead.

    It's a speciality of English, which is confusing for non-native speakers of English.

    I was confused myself when I read a sentence like this for the first time. Buf after another person explain to me why "they" is used, it was clear..
  • That's clear and comprehensive for me too now!
    Thank you Head Gasket.
  • I am so confused with the grammar ... Do yu have a "pedagogy" to make me aesier the comprehension of english grammar ??

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