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a new job

hello, I applied for a new job but my level in english is not that good and I need help, could you help me ?

that job is with import and export and I need specific vocabulary and I need aswell to practice, of course !

Thanks by advance,



  • Hello,
    i just want to tell you that your english is not so poor as you think. The only advise i can give you is to go persevere never give up because the cure to your sickness is communication.I will suggest you to dial with people who are experienced in your job who can help you.For your info, i'm a shiiping agent in Ivory coast port (ABJ) and i think i'm not so good but i can assist you.
    Would really appreciate to get your e-meil address then we can easily dial.
    My email address
    Hope hearing from you.
  • hello,

    i am in the same case of you, i gonna work in a danish society in a few day. So i have to practice my english too. but my level is worst than your. so i am sorry but i can't help you. I hope you find someone.

    see you
  • To Vik1307


    The beter way to improve your English in such a situation, is of course to speak with your customers and to be convinced that a regular practice is the base for a long memorizing.
    You can also buy some professional books. It depends especially on the way you like to learn: on your own? with support of someone else?
    Why not attending a "foreign language" forum?

    Keep the right way ;o)

  • Hello !
    I would like to help you and it would be good for me, but I cant, my english is not as well as it need to help someone.
    I just would like to encourage you !
    keep trust !
    see you !

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