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Thunderdome ?

In the lyrics of " We don't need another hero" ( Tina Turner) :

" All we want is life beyond the thunderdome "

Makes me wondering.... what does it means exactly ?

It will be nice if you let me know.


  • Maybe it would helpful to watch the movie "Mad Max", of which this song is the theme. From the context you might be able to deduce the meaning of the lyrics.

    "Beyond the thunderdome" is the subtitle of the main title "Mad Max". It's a movie from the 80's, but I never seen it.

    "Dome" is usually the cealing of a big church or a cathedral, a ceiling with allethe arcs and flourishes or murials. "Dome" is generally a huge and impressive ceíling of a big building.
  • Tina Turner? I loved her.
    As for me, as I step out in the open air, notably at full moon, as the sky is clear, around midnight, among people dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight, I am tickled at glancing at the dome overhead, a dome fulfilled with blinking stars and, high in the sky, a full moon, grinning, looking down to raving people, a cool moon, as cool as a cucumber, so delighted to look at raving earthlings that it has for long stopped rotating on itself, keeping now staring and gasping at the scenery. That's my favourite dome, a dome that sticks out a mile, hey!
    But the world song by Tina Turner is not that happy. It's going bust, dereliction everywhere, power decaying, society collapsing, oppression, fear is the daily fate. Their sky is not clear, not only overcast, it's a stormy day. So the sky is nothing but a thunderstorm. Those wretched earthlings can see nothing but a stormy dome.
    Their culture is pervaded by dreams of kings or heros who could restore order and common happiness. But vainly! So, they are looking for something they can rely on.
    "There's gotta be something better OUT THERE." (i.e. Beyond thunderdome.)
    Out there is beyond the dome of the our world of oppression and terror.
    So, they are doomed to vain hopes of something better that could be located beyond their thunderdome. They imagine a moonrise, the way of Paul Klee, that would lead them beyond the thunderdome. Is it heaven, paradise, whatelse? History always repeats itself! Damned believers!
  • You're right, i must see that moovie to understand a bit more what does that meanst. If not on the net, i will find a DVD.
    thanks a lot you two. I'll be back after watching "Mad max".
  • We are all living on Earth, the Earth is in a Dome, with a firmament above the sky, to separate the waters from the waters, read the bible we live on a flat Earth, and its crazy on Earth so maybe thats why she called it Thunderdome.
  • Beyond the Thunderdome, yes heaven i think.
  • When you look at the sky its not just blue, if you look u will see its shaped like a dome.
  • Go to youtube and search, flat Earth, bible and dome and you will see.
  • There is lots of proof the Earth is flat if you search what i said.

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