English Vocabulary

To yell vs to scream

Please I would like to know the difference between to yell and to scream.



  • Hi, blueeyes,

    Here is a good English dictionary website to help you in your quest for better understanding of vocabulary!


    Good luck!
  • I am not qualified to answer your question.
    Nevertheless, I'd tell that I would use YELL for a cry or a shout that doesn't last long, except the case of a cheering up in unison.

    A scream is LONG piercing cry.
    "His hilarity is like a scream from the crevasse." (Graham Green quoted)
    The plane flew through with screaming.
    "The place is very well and quiet and the children only scream in a low voice." (Lord Byron)
    Though, my Webster's dictionary tells that a scream may also be a sharp cry.

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