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A pool-and-BBQ kind of guy

Is there someone knowing this expression?
I would be very pleased.
Prior thanks!

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    (wunderbar as well!)

    is going to make her annual migration to the white paradises,or that it will left (of white)
    and will escape that way to the threat to be burning on a..BBQ......
    kind of
  • Wunderbar sind Sie wirklich!
    Wonderful you are indeed !
    Merveilleuse vous êtes en effet!

    Your song enchants and delights all earthlings, all the more so that you are a paradisiacal muse. (By the bye this latter clue should bring an answer to your question about what sounds like a she-writing in your mails.)

    Keep on tweeting, green lemon.
  • Peep-bo! AhQ
    Do you know That you have also something magic!
    However that may be,to have come with me in my almost first conversation in English in a so funny way, I never could dream better to launch myself.
    So, thank and hope I'll meet again my favorite he-tweet-mate here or elsewhere.
    By the way,you was not quite agreed on a previous post on mine(I am too young to ...)It was my "Ecce Homo) side.I was very upset.

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