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the accent !!

hello all of you - I'm learning english for 304 lessons, and I don't progress lyke I would !
my main problem is to understand the voices, it sounds be uninteligible
according to the person speaking ??
what do you think about my remark ?


  • To improve my comprehension I listen to podcasts provided
    with full transcript. There are a lot you can find on bbc
    learnig english.
    I watch series in english with english subtitles. Some are easier than others. I like the serie Fringe. The dialogues are not too dificult and the subtitles help when I don't understant.
    I watch them on my computer. So I can use the backward function when needed.

    Hope that will help.
  • Your problem is most learners', Michle.
    When I had been learning English for 304 lessons, here is how I managed to deal with the difficulty.

    1. When there was a passage that I couln't catch in my GymGlish lesson with an audio, I checked the correction. I made the tough words hard to understand play several times in a row, firstly with reading the text, then without looking at it. As I then could catch it clearly, I said it myself aloud again and again. I call that process the squirrel cage pratice as I feel a quirrel making the cage rotate again and again. The tough expression gets ingraved in my brain, it is lead into my stock of conditioned reflexes.

    2. I didn't persist in listening to a speech that I couldn't understand a thing about. That'd be time wasting. After 304 lessons, I think I used to choose texts cleary uttered, like Obama speeches, or the news. At lenght I improved my listening comprehension of chats in the every day life.

    3. Now and then I switched to That's a site run by a couple in L.A. Their podcasts are made of a text, at first given at a very low rate of speech and later at a normal rate. You get soon bored due to the very low speaking and the only two voices of the couple. But maybe now and then it's good for non-advanced learners.

    4. On TV, I switched to BBC One. Typing 888 on the teletext, the text appears subtitled. Mind to do it only with PRERECORDED broadcasts so as to get the speech and the text at the same time.

    I think the GymGlish stands out by many aspects for its efficiency, just to mention the variety of accents. Last Funky Friday, we got a Tatiana Novotna rolling her r's. Don't take it for a fancy of the GG. Talking about rolled r's it happens that these times I am used to being in contact with a female air traffic controller who rolls her r's just as does Tatiana. Though, she is likely a Dutch woman according to her location. I was a bit taken aback the first time I got in touch with her, but she is perfectly easy to understand, mayby easier than some Americans.

    Don't throw in the towel, Michle. Keep up the good mood and the good work. When you have six full years of GG lessons behind as I am, titled friend for life, I guess you'll be more fluent than I can be and better than me at catching what you are listening to.

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