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Need discuss too !!

Hello ! My name is Aurelie, but you can call me lyly if you want because there is already an 'Aurelie' before me ....
I'm a new student in english... and I need to speak in english more ant more... and a lot of student..
I'm french but I live in Australia since three weeks to improve my english and having a better life.
What about you ?
And if you have MSN messenger, let's talk on msn one day !
Sincerely, Lyly !

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  • Hi my name is nax. I am Mexican. I live in Mexico City. I need to learn English to find good job. I like to speak to people to make better my English and to learn more about other countries. My mail is you can write to me and we practice.
  • hello lyly,in fact ,i have noticed that we are all frensh people ,for the time beeing .let creat a club to speak.some native speakers will join us soon iam sure .will you spend a long time there? whate was your real objective when you start you travel ?
    we have creat and english club here in ivory cost.i will be happy to register you ,even if you are far from here.i hope the same thing for all the members of the gymglish.
    answer me back.
    happy to know you.
  • Hi !

    I am Jennie, I am french and I want to discuss with people who wish to improve their english.

    See you soon
  • Hi !

    I am Jennie, I am french and I want to discuss with people who wish to improve their english.

    See you soon
  • Welcome Jennie.
    There are three statements in your sentence.
    I'll take heed of the three of them.
    First statement: your name is Jennie. I say: Hello Jennie the newbie.
    Second statement: You are French. Good to you. For my part, I am not. Bad to me.
    You said you wanted to discuss with people interested in improving their English. Good idea.
    For my part I wish I could improve my speaking. Therefore I am possibly included in the group of people you want to discuss with.
    It's up to you to set up a topic.
    What the hell could we talk about?
    If the topic you start appeals to several users of this forum, sure we'll have a exciting discussion.
    Looking forward to your proposal.
    Gee the old bee.
  • HI Gee !

    I think your english is better than me. What "newbie" and "hell" in your sentences mean ?You said that you are not French, what are your origin ? Do you live in France ?
    For the moment I haven't got ideas. Do you have MSN ? I think is better to discuss about topics we can set up and to introduce ourselves.
    Can you give me your MSN address, please ?

    Thanks my old bee !
  • From Gee the old bee to Jennie the newbie.
    I guess we're going to chat along, Jennie the newbie.

    I think that my English is a bit old-fashioned in comparison with your fangled one because I noticed you didn’t use any capital letter to start the 'English' word. I know that this day and age a lot of people use a SMS language that gets rid of capital letters unless for a phonetic use. To write "How are you, Jennie?" they write (and I do too) 'How R U Jennie?'

    What's a newbie? [pron.: ‘niu: bi] It's a newcomer on an internet field, notably on a forum. It's a rather recent word even though you'll find it out in any recent dictionary. I don't think it comes from 'new bee' but more probably from 'new be', being a new one. What a pleasure to meet a newbie like you, Jennie (lol).

    As you sure know, the hell is the place where devils live it up night and day. But the sentence "What the hell could we talk about?" means in refined French "De quoi diable pourrions-nous parler?". Of course I could have said “What’s the weather like, Jennie?” That’s the standard matter for all occasions. But I didn’t because I knew you deserved better.

    As I am not French, I am necessary from humble birth. I don't live in France but not far away.

    You told that you had no idea for the moment. I’m sure you’re wrong. You have a lot of good ideas. A good one was to address people on this forum. And you suggested we got in touch through MSN. Until now I’ve not used MSN yet. But I’ll try to do it straight away. You’ll be able to reach me via my e-mail address I’m used to phoning on Skype. My pseudo on Skype is ‘Paulcld’. Skype has been set up by a Dutch entrepreneur and is based in Luxemburg. With Skype you can call free from your computer to any other round the world, but you can also call a fix or mobile phone abroad at a local rate of price. MSN is a product of the imperialist Microsoft and according to my ideology, even if it’s nothing wrong at that, I always rather use free contenders if there are. For instance Linux instead of others.

    Hear you live at any time soon on MSN or Skype.
  • Hi !

    Are you Paul C. ? I am not sure that's why I haven't send messages in your Skype.

    See you soon
  • Yes, I am. Gee is my pseudo. Have you sent me something? Looking forward to having a vocal speech with you, Jennie. (MSN will work too.)
  • hi lyly
    my name is MIRA
    i'm a woman from africa and i live in beigium.i follow gymglish trainning since 4 days ago.
    if you want ,i give you my e-mail adress and we can talk together
    see you soon!

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