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Need discuss too !!

Hello ! My name is Aurelie, but you can call me lyly if you want because there is already an 'Aurelie' before me ....
I'm a new student in english... and I need to speak in english more ant more... and a lot of student..
I'm french but I live in Australia since three weeks to improve my english and having a better life.
What about you ?
And if you have MSN messenger, let's talk on msn one day !
Sincerely, Lyly !

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  • hi lyly
    my name is MIRA
    i'm a woman from africa and i live in beigium.i follow gymglish trainning since 4 days ago.
    if you want ,i give you my e-mail adress and we can talk together
    see you soon!
  • hi! iam helen iam new in learning english i would to discuus with you about anything. iam in cameroon and and have MSN messenger for everybody my mail is
  • Hi !!!

    My firstname is Delphine, but you can call me Dede ;)
    I'm French, and as all of you, I need to speak english! I'm 17 years old, and I enjoy music, sport, books, cine ... ... ...

    I have an msn adress too :

    See you soon !
  • Hi Lyly! And everybody.. I'm a new user of Gymglish and I found it's very good to can discuss on this forum!! Nice to meet you...
    I'm french and I want to progress in english... You live in Australia, you are lucky!!! How it is???
    See you soon
  • Hi everybody !

    How are you? I 'm french too, and i want to progress in english.. because i need it in my job !
    I live in Paris, and i am ok for talk about everything... If i make mistake, please say me !!
    Bye bye !
  • To Nath who posted last tip about herself.

    I like to be pleased, as a result of which I'll grant your request about being told your mistakes.
    Here you are.

    You're French (better than 'french' because the French deserve the same capital letter as Americans, Africans, Australians, Indians, Mexicans, Palestinians, Papouans, Russians... and a lot of others like the Spanish people, the British, the Danish, the Chinese, the Swiss... and so on.
    Any human being, any citizen of any country deserves a capital letter, at least since the capital punishment isn't enforced any more by civilized nations. Iraq and a few States of America are still lagging behind.

    Incidentally I'd say: Have a close look at the end of the French, the Chinese, the British. I didn't stick any 's' at the end of those plural names.

    You want to progress in English? It's a smart move!
    Don't look round for an 'english' without any capital letter. It would be a bad one.
    Be proud and say: I want... If you look at yourself with a small 'i', sure you'll be soon feeling worthless. Be Nietzchean! Say: I !

    You are OK for talk > correct as long as 'talk' is a noun.
    As I feel it, I'd say: I'm OK for a talk. Or: OK to talk (verb).

    Tell me, Nathalie, did I please you with my answer?
    Please tell me !!
    It's customary to "say something" and to "tell someone something".
    If you were stubborn and would though use the verb "to say", then you must say: "I say something to someone." and here "Say it to me".
    Don't say it that way, Nathalie. Just say: "If I make mistakes, tell me !!"

    Peace out!
  • hello i'm mariette and i'm a camerounian young girl i want to dialogue with all that need to improve their level . Now i study english see you
  • hello i'm mariette and i'm a camerounian young girl i want to dialogue with all that need to improve their level . Now i study english see you
  • hello i'm mariette i want to speak with persons who want to improve their level in english like me
    see you and i hope that somebody can answer me
  • hi aurelie i'm mariette i'm a beginner i want to learn and speak very english i saw your letter and if you agree we can dialogue for make more knowlegde and learn many about our country see you soon

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