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You should be able find your fan

1. I expected: you should be able to find your fan.
2. Vocabulary: the person is missing his computer. What does "fan" mean in this context?

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  • It's not really baffling. When we talk about the term "fan", we do not neccessarily talk about a metonymy, applied to a computer (desktop or notebook, who cares?). The assocation implied here "fan" for "computer" is the comment that baffles me.

    "Were you able (to) find your fan?", has, leaving the grammatical inaccuray aside, no context at all in which situation that "question in question" is asked. None at all.

    Hence, we fell free to ad-lib and make guesses.

    For the sake of learning different meanings of "fan" it could be, yes, could be, uttered by Bob, the computer tinkerer, whom one of his co-workers, who has asked before where the ventilator was he wanted to incorporate into the desktop computer he is supposed to screw together. And Bob, concerned about the progress of his co-worker's task, asked apprehensively: "Were to able (to) find your fan?". There is no metonymy involved at all. None at all.

    And why not jump at the opportunity to bring up different meanings of the word "fan"? It's a chance to learn.

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