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Is nothing something?

Something is some thing.
Something is an unspecified or unknown thing.

Nothing is no thing.
Nothing is not any thing.
Nothing is nothing at all.
Nothing is the non-existence.
As a non-existence, nothing is never plural.

Nothing is 'something' that does not exist.
A nothing is 'something' of no interest, no value like a nix, a pipsqueak.

Looking up in my dictionary, I read that the antonym of something is nothing.
Would the antonym of nothing be a thing or something?

If so, how does it come that nothing is something?

Thanks in advance for throwing light on that puzzle.

Additional request to possible fellow-musician-GG-users.
Sing along "brrrrrain (D) tea (B 4.5 tone higher) ser (G 1 tone lower)?"
Mind rolling your r's as an opera singer and don't fail to sing the question mark.


  • I am nothing of an opera singer, Sandy. So, I won't roll the r's of your brainteaser.

    Nothingness is non-existence (in French, le néant).
    Nothingness can't be.
    If there weren't a being to imagine it, the concept wouldn't ever exist.
    If nothing is "something", it is nothing more than a concept, consequently a word to support it.
  • Hi, Sandy,

    Difficult question about something and nothing - I think you're alluding to difficult philsophical questions that it would take a long time to discuss!

    As for the musical question, I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but maybe this list of French and English note equivalents will help you:

    Do = C
    Ré = D
    Mi = E
    Fa = F
    So = G
    La = A
    Si = B

    I hope this helps!
  • To AhQ

    Thank you for your wise comments on what nothingness can be. I share your view. Nothingness connot be anything else than a concept issued by a being, the concept of an impossible thing. A concept is something.

    However, in the everyday language, nothing is the fact that there is no thing somewhere. 'There is nothing left in my bag.' Don't you think that there is a difference between nothingness and nothing as long as a 'thing' is at stake?
    Nothingness is a concept of no being.
    Nothing (in my bag) is the fact that there is no thing somewhere (in my bag). Nothing is not only a concept but a fact.
    How does that catch you?

    To Sammy B

    Thank you, Sammy, for helping our readers whose mother language is a Romance one. You are right. In Romance languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Rymanian, etc.), to tell in which tone a piece is running, they use the same names do-ré-mi... as those of the sol-fa.

    By the way, sol-fa is the English translation of the original Italian solfaggio.

    If you must know, in English and Germanic languages, the sol-fa is also practised with the syllables do re me fa sol la si do. But to point out a note or a tune, they use the alphabetic letters.
    The Ode to Joy was set in D major by Beethoven.
    Die Ode an die Freude in D-Dur
    L'ode à la joie en ré majeur.

    You were right, Sammy, by suggesting it be better to write my tune "re-si-sol" instead of with tone letters, as that was to be sung.

    By the way, are you Sammy B or Sa - mi - Si?

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