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so fed up !

I am so fed up with grammar
always the same mistakes
I am so fed up with vocabulary
always too lazzy to learn
I am always wanting to... i would like, i should like,
it sounds that I can't...even if i am willing,
please give me some funny ideas not to be fed up,
please make me laugh and.... proud if possible


  • Hi AhQ
    It's always a pleasure to read you again, even if your prose are not addressed to me.
    But I am getting a little worried about you.
    I learn that you are 24/day with your computer, you have announced a kind of black mass for soon, a werewolf rave, you are making the apologia for artificial paradies (in an anachronistic way though as far as I known :LSD and other are that still trendy?just for a personal information).
    It is not the FDA but the drug squad which are going to turn up for incitement to stupefacient use in a public forum.
    You were(I am progressing in conjugating!)more funny last time.
    I have learned a new word in a last lesson(technical difficulties): a doppelganger!It is also the tittle of a song of our friend Franz!
    Listen it, if not something more lively, the Rubbets for instance.
    And go on working Gwendy!
  • It's not exactly what i meant, sweet AHQ, even if being a pilot flying ....could be quiet interesting if not... "going into a spin" !
    Pehaps, i should have said "partir en live" ?
    something like write whatever you like unrestrainedly, or, without inhibitions.
    Thanks for the flying lesson.
  • Dear AHQ,i'ts a real enjoyement to read you, even when "tu pars en vrille" , how to translate that ?
    Yes, i feel so much better with that Delavigne stuff, perhaps your poetic wild imagination has something to do with it.
    Anyway, to-morrow, "we will be sober" even with a reminiscent taste of...flavoury flowers.

    Be sure, I won't tell anyone about nothing, i'am just listening to Ayo and feel quiet allright.
    As kids say :nighty-nighty.
  • Thanks AHQ, you really enjoyed me and made me smile. The end of your "story" was tremendous. I appreciate you poetic point of view, even's still rather chilly these days for an exhibition.

    Don't Worry Grenn citrus, i just stick to a good glass of "rosé", perhaps 3 or four.... and from time to time only...( reminds me of e recent lesson !) ;
    wine apart nice lemon, i am as clean as a new born baby,
    and laughing ma a nice cure.
    cheers you two.
  • I am so fed up with grammar
    always the same mistakes
    I am so fed up with vocabulary
    always too lazzy to learn
    I am always wanting to... i would like, i should like,
    it sounds that I can't...even if i am willing,
    please give me some funny ideas not to be fed up,
    please make me laugh and.... proud if possible
  • Wow! Gwendy is flying. If she had been a crew member of the Airbus Rio-Paris which crashed into the Atlantic, there wouldn't have been any crash.

    Partir en vrille -> to go into a spin / to go into a tailspin... by flying too slow.

    Sortir de vrille -> full rudder opposite the spin and then full stick forward to recover the lift.
  • What a pleasure to learn you've now completely recovered, Gwendy.
    Your good shape is worth getting a flying kiss from your so many lovers, a flying kiss that hopes to land on your cheek, a cheek as white and tender as a new born baby's.

    As you guess there are also scores of non-avowed lovers who would rather share a deep French kiss with you, with the tongues entangled looking into every corners of the mouths for a scumptious flavour or a delicious taste. But forget it, Gwendy. And above all, don't tell a soul. Greatest happiness thrives by being kept secret.
  • Thank you, green lemon, for warning me.
    Thank you, green lemon, for cheering Gwendy on.
  • Hello Gwendy-Gwendo
    Hiya Gwendissima
    Our only one prima donna,
    We are all like yo.

    Like you
    Grammar? We are done with it.
    Vocab? We all have had it.

    Like you
    Lazy we cannot help being,
    Not achieving one single thing.
    In two minds used to being
    We keep being pussyfooting.
    Would we learn? Wouldn't we learn? Would we not learn?
    Should we learn? Shouldn't we learn? Should we not learn?
    Shall we learn? Shan't we learn? Shall we not learn?

    You ask for funny ideas, Gwendy.
    I have just got one, a bit weirdy.
    Knock down a bracer, a pick-me-up
    So as to no longer be fed up.

    Besides look for the next full moon.
    You'll see it's expected very soon
    On April the sixth it's due to shine
    and so put an end to your whine.

    Then we just hope the sky will be clear
    as to allow the moon to draw near.
    Catch a glimpse of weather forecast
    to be sure it is not overcast.
    If clear sky is the best, a few clouds could make do: See some patches of clouds scattered here and there on the horizon, whitened as they are with the pale moonlight, they look like sheep grazing around. What bucolic a landscape, Gwendy !

    If the weather forecast has a good looking on next April 6, Gwendy, don't fail to wait for the sunset. Let midnight draw near. Then step outside in the open air, join the so many people (namely me) raving and dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.

    Have a look up at the vault fullfilled with twinkling stars and, high in the sky, the cool full moon, as cool as a cucumber, with a broad grin looking down at raving people, a so much fascinating sight that it's doomed to forget to rotate on itself any more. Then, in the open air, you'll be bound to meet a lot of funny people, some huddling by 10 or 12, whispering, chatting, chattering, blathering and now and then having a big loud laugh. There will also be people sitting around doing nothing but shooting themselves. Most of them will have the inside of their elbow looking like a lilac painting, so big a bruise they will be fit with. Maybe you are reluctant to shoot yourself, Gwendy, or to drip some drops of LSD on a lump of sugar that you swallow up quickly. Would it be the case, I will be of service to you with rolling a spliff. You'll have to breath in deeply once, twice, three times ... to soon take-off for a trip. You'll get a spell of whirling head, you'll feel a bit dizzy, giddy. All the more so that you'll be stepping on a catwalk for a show off. By walking with swaying your hips aside and making your knees overlap one another at each step, you'll be like a top-model. What a top-model, Gwendy! A top-model that sticks out a mile. And at the opposite end of the catwalk, a lot of people kinda me, got frozen like statues staring at you, gasping and gaping. As you draw near, a waft of high-end fragrance from the Delavigne will invade their nostrils.
    And it'll be up to you to go on showing off, Gwendy, stopping for a while, the

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