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so fed up !

I am so fed up with grammar
always the same mistakes
I am so fed up with vocabulary
always too lazzy to learn
I am always wanting to... i would like, i should like,
it sounds that I can't...even if i am willing,
please give me some funny ideas not to be fed up,
please make me laugh and.... proud if possible

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  • Of course it is none of my business but I was finding that AhQ had very honourably "stood up straight" the situation, didn't he?
  • poiler alert!

    Yeah, it's true what Mr. Keating said in "Dead Poets' Society" :
    Human language was not invented to communicate - it was invented to woo women. A poetic soul to boot might have evolutionary advantages. Poetic souls are more likely to spread their genes. But, if that was true, the world should teem of (sexually active) poets. Is it? Maybe surely in former times, when contraceptives were not that commonplace and easy to use as they are now.
  • Contraceptives or that whose Eva Joly is the only one who speaks about in this campaign, pollution and may be as it is, hormonal pollution ?
  • Yes, he did it nicely, i do agree with you Citrus.

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