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Do you learn English?

I started this course yesterday. I try for 7 seven days for free. I don't know if I'm going to take the course and pay. I would if I KNEW that I was learning English. What do you say? Do you learn a lot of English?


  • yes
  • YES, because the story is rich, but, in a way it also depends on what you bring ;) and on what you look for. "Gym" is important : you seem to have a fair level ? it is just like muscles : you don't loose good ones and develop the weak. And also it is a good approach of world wide business life. Am I right ?
  • Of cousre, I would. :) Sign up in any case, it's really worth it. You cannot loose anything and win a lot.
    GymGlish will never get boring, unlike other courses. And what you're going learn here will stick in your memory.

    I don't want to miss it anymore. I've been with GymGlish for three and a half year (and 900 lessons) - and I haven't regret it.

    On the other hand, of course, you are well-advised to do other English exercises, apart from Gymgglish. GymGlish won't be it all. One cannot expect to become native-level fluent in English just with GymGlish. But if you can spare the money (10 EUR per month) it's definitely worth it and you will benefit from it.
  • Thank you for your replies! I have been doing this lessons for about two month now and I have to say that it's interesting and I learn a lot of English. I think that doing this lessons everyday for a while is the thing! I'm glad that I attended!
  • Good ;) ...and you are welcome on this forum. What are your goals : business, tourism, career, travels, culture ?
  • My goal is to speak English so fluently as it's possible. I want also understand when Englishspeaking people speak and don't have to say "Excuse me?" all the time :-)
    I try to listen to books on CD to practise my understanding. I write to a relative in the US to practise my writing and I read books in English. What more can I do? I would like to go to England for a maybe two-weeks course in English. Maybe next summer my dream can get through!
  • Do you meet English speaking people at your job or in your family life ?
    I'm reading NEMESIS by Philip Roth : very sad ! the story of a polio epidemic in Newark (1944).
  • Unfortenately I don't meet English speaking people so often. That's a pity beacause it would be very good for me to practise my English in real life!
  • Interesting- that story about the polio epidemic. And
    if that epidemic growths further and becomes a pandemic, the chances of meeting English speaking people is going to chance significantly.

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