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Do you learn English?

I started this course yesterday. I try for 7 seven days for free. I don't know if I'm going to take the course and pay. I would if I KNEW that I was learning English. What do you say? Do you learn a lot of English?

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  • sorry... "change significantly".
  • Yes, and it's part of Roth's talent : he lets us fear it could become a pandemic. He also uses a narrator's trick about 50 pages before the end of the book, but I don't tell more...
    "Nemesis is an artfully constructed, suspenseful novel with a cunning twist toward the end." a critic says.
  • From Spoiler:
    Interesting- that story about the polio epidemic. And
    if that epidemic growths further and becomes a pandemic, the chances of meeting English speaking people is going to chance significantly.

  • hi spoiler
    Is Nemesis of philip Roth the book you speak about higher? and epsilon.
    I have it, with the stamp of the "shakespeare and company" inside svp!
    I was waiting to have a confirmed level to read it but I could wait still a long time.
    So, I am going to launch me.
    Thank you.

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