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Choose the FALSE statement

Hello everyone ,

I'll tell you about the story of a man thinking since months about passing the famous “gymglish level 5”. As usually, he received a mail from the gymglish prepared specially for him.
Then, after fullfilling the exercise page, he was sure having checked all the good statements, but on this exercise, do you know what??, were required not the TRUE but the FALSE statement (!)

What the hell did pass through the mind of the gymglish team to invite checking the FALSE statement instead of the TRUE one (for once) ?

I think it may be a joke of Bob Carter after migrating to blinux with a new learning language system with a one day warranty software extension. Or maybe a special test before passing the level 5 (or maybe the truth is somewhere else, said Fox Mulder).

Anyway, except from this really small event, I - like nearly every member of gymglish I guess-, really think the organization of the lessons and their fun create a real addiction, with renewed pleasure in learning. Continue like this, it’s a fabulous way of learning !

Matthieu B
PS : Have a good 3 may party time, and if you can’t send me my email at 5 am like usually, you’re forgiven !


  • Yes, true, it creates a real addiction, alumni can tell too. Sometimes they have to stop because their company is lacking money, but addiction is still there.

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