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A joke

Hi every body ! Here is a joke :

- How do you call someone who speaks 3 languages ?
- une personne trilingue
- someone who speaks 2 languages ?
- une personne bilingue
- and someone who speaks only one language ?
- a frenchman

I like this joke, but it makes me feal sorry too, because it is kind of true. That's why I'm very concerned to improve my english, and help my children not to stay in the same old story that we know in France, learn english at school and never practice it outside and after.


  • I've heard it said about the English rather than the French! But yes, we certainly need more language learning in Western Europe!
  • You can say the same thing even more applicably for Americans. As it is widely known and even confirmed by themselves, learning a foreign language is not a top priority for Americans. It's somehow understandable. They don*t realy need to. After all, English, their mother tongue, is the top-first language in the world - and everywhere they go people speak their mother tongue - or at least they are urged to learn it.

    Well, in big countries which a language widely spoken, people tend to overlook learning second language. Whereas, in small countries, which are a hub to other nationalities and world, to boot, like in the Netherlands, everybody learns English when they grow up. TV programs and movies are not even dubbed, but are only subtitled. The same in Sweden.

    Yeah - it's a bummer we weren't forced to learn it while we were kids.

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