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problème technique

Non seulement les mails n'apparaissent pas correctement, mais l'accès aux le çons ainsi qu'aux autres pages du site est dégradé, dans tous les navigateurs


  • The same problem.
  • again the same problem with Orange
  • I have subscribed this early evening and after receiving three lessons, I can't send the answers of the fourth one.
    Could you please tell me how to cope with that bug?
  • Hello all,

    Please let me know if you are still experiencing the same problems, or if they have resolved themselves since.

    We had a problem with our servers over the weekend, but everything should be working correctly by now. If ever you need to resend a lesson or correction, you can do that from the settings page in your GymGlish Workbook.

    Andrew (GymGlish Team)
  • as I am an orange (wanadoo) user myself, I know they are very proud of their new version for the mail system. Each time it is the same : a new version = new bugs...

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