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grammatical twist and possessive adjective

I understand the meaning but not the construction of the phrase
"to describe to an employee dismissed from their job" in the sentence
"The verb 'to fire' is generally used to describe to an employee dismissed from their job. The verb has other uses, but it cannot be used to describe a person who is forced to leave their apartment."

Otherwise, why using "their" while it is "a person" ?
Thank you for your help


  • ... I don't believe it ! :D
    "Gender" in lieu of "genre", of course !
  • ... Sorry, "gender" in lieu of "gendre"...
  • If I remember correctly, "their" is used when we don't want to specify the genre (male or female) of the person. "Their" is a generic term, then.
  • Hello Bocohan,

    Idoine is right about "their".

    However, as for the phrase above, you are right that there is a mistake in it. "Describe" is a transitive verb and therefore does not need to be followed by "to". The sentence should read "to describe an employee dismissed from their job".

    I hope this helps, and thanks for your feedback. I will correct this error immediately.


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