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My last lesson ?

I don't agree with gimglish, but perhaps am i wrong .
In my last lesson : you wrote about " i am not deranging you" that my answer was wrong :

This sentence is incorrect. If someone is 'deranged', then they are 'mad', 'crazy', or 'insane'. Literally, 'to derange someone' would be to make them insane or crazy, but this does not sound very natural in English.

In my favorite dictionary :
" • archaic intrude on; interrupt : I am sorry to have deranged you for so small a matter.

What do you think ?
Thanks for answering me.

"archaic intrude on; interrupt : I am sorry to have deranged you for so small a matter".


  • Well, there is a common meaning to both versions "deranged" and "to derange sth." in the English versions:

    "to derange" as the counterpart, the opposite of "to arrange" is contained in both words, that is "to destory order", "to confuse", "to disarrange".

    "deranged" as the adjective has only made it's way to a special application and is mostly limited to that special meaning: The mind of person who is deranged is "confused". Here is the original meaning "confused" again.
  • Well, if it's archaic, it's not good, is it ?

    I personally don't want to speak/write with words that are no longer in use...
    You can use literate terms, but archaic ones...

    Beware of false friends, too. You can have words with several meanings in your language, some with the same signification/translation, others no.
    Deranged is one of them : in french 'dérangé' is a term with 2 meanings (in fact one is the adjective, the other the verb), in english these meanings are translated by different terms, one is 'deranged' and the other 'bothered' or 'disturbed'.

    The subtleties of english language, as I said elsewhere... ;)
  • Hi Gwendy,

    Both Spoiler and Idoine are right. You can see the origin of the meaning of the word "derange". However, it is archaic or old-fashioned to use it to mean the equivalent of "déranger", so it is best to avoid it unless you are talking about a person who is mad!


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