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Are you mad of something ?

Tell me, tell us, say anything, any dream, tell "what you want" :
What are you fond of? about what do you want to speak, to dream ?
Make me smile, make me wonder ; To-night, i am short of everything, no idea, no topic, no music in mind, no verse on lips...feel vacuum !
So, tell me, tell us.... something so...tremendous that i will faint from recovering happiness,
tell me, tell us....


  • Oh, you are a poor little girl. Your are like a petulant, erratic child. One moment on the top of the world and the other down in the dumps. What can we do about it?

    Some words of solace, a 'Quantum of Solace' might be helpful:
    There, there...
    Everyhting will be OK...
  • I know your desire. Smile)
  • yes Begonia, sure, but at least, do you like flowers?
  • mad of all hypocrite people who are surrounding us ! mad of this world where there is no equality, no justice and no peace ! life is just a journey, we should enjoy and look to the good side of everything in it and do our best to leave a good mark !

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