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GG party

So, did some of you go to this Gymglish party we were invited to, this week ? I found it a great idea, and I would have gone if I weren't living in a such out-of-the-way (just learnt that ;)) place than I do.
Was it english spoken or ?
And did you get all drunk, as it was said to be part of the fun ?


  • I went to the GGP two years ago, it was splendid, funny, and not really sober!
    But living out of Paris, like you, i could not afford this year... next year perhaps.
  • Hi Gwendy,
    thank you to answer to my 2nd question, to which nobody did before you*. "Not realy sober" can be qualified by a term I read not a long time ago... it didn't stay in my mind... if you mean actually that people drank a lot ?

    *NB Of course you are allowed to suggest a better way to say things when it's sounds too awfull , I will thank anyone who do it :)

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