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Downtime April 30th / May 1st 2012

Dear users,

We would like to apologize for the service downtime that started on April 30th 2012 around 5:30pm and ended on May 1st around 4:30am.

We accidently deleted (human error!) the user table from our database, and the 'quick fix' that we tried actually left the database in an even worse state.

By 10pm, we had to restore the database from a backup of the previous day and replay all the transactions of the day, which was a relatively slow process that was finished by 4:30am on May 1st.

We would like to apologize again for any inconvenience.

On behalf of the GymGlish team,
Antoine Brenner

A new improved forum (faster and with more features) will soon (before July 2012) replace the current forum - stay tuned.

Antoine Brenner


  • I should be on vacation, I haven't seen any trouble. Actually yes, today I had to pick up my lesson in my workbook, and I received yesterday's correction with 24 hours delay. No big inconvenience, for me your are excused.

    And I am happy to know that the forum is going to be faster, with new features, I love features !! ;)
  • Nodoby has to apologize or give apologetical explanations, because this is all a a matter of force majeure - and an outage of Oracle databases (or MySQL or whatever database is used) is a very majeure force. Oracle is mighty, very mighty. God or Allah is nothing compare to it. When God or Allah crashes, nobody will be bothered. But when important databases crash, the whole world will fall into chaos.
  • OK, it's only a technical problem ;) . Congratulations and many thanks to you, co-founders (as we are not used to hearing about you) and your bright idea (a story in the world of international business to study foreign languages).
  • Yeah. Shit happens from time to time. Otherwise it would be boring.
  • yeah, shit won't stop rolling balls, but it may change the routes ;)
  • New forum, new rules ?
    As Pimpanella suggests : very often we make answers to our own questions. The main problem of this forum is the trafic, the buzz, the audience and the listening ...
    Some Stars appear at once, deliver a bright message and never come back again :( . Doug is right : "we all need to discover that we are not alone"...and sometime in this forum, I wonder ? sniff... :(
  • I am here, Spoiler is here, I've noticed that if you write "Bob Dylan", Gwendy will be here too. ;) And Doug, whoever he is, is peeping out. It makes few like you to be alone with you :)

    But the forum as it is now doesn't really look like a funny place. I have a huge hope on the very soon next version
  • ...and somebody able to quote Kirkegaard without making mistake even on the writing of his name...gosh, really astonishing ;-)
  • Yeah, let's GG spruce up this forum in order to make it a funny place: with videos and comics strips and all sorts of paraphernalia.

    But then again, don't we have that already in the Delavigne blog?

    On the other hand, I hope the designer won't push the envelope and make it something like youtube. Nothing against youtube, though.

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