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Do you know how many lessons are stored in the gg system ?
I've read somewhere that only 20 (or 10 ?) were stored, but it's not true, I've more than this in my workbook.
I am wonderning if it's usefull to keep the e mail I receive, lessons and corrections, so I can review the past ones (I'm very serious as a learner ;))
But I just realized my questioning was stupid, because if the lessons are not stored anymore, I won'nt be able to acces to them even if I kept the e mail.
So let's say that was just for talking :)


  • and why don't you store them by yourself ? (I know it's your own business, I am not concerned, but it creates some buzz on the forum ;) )
  • Do you mean to store them by copying to pdf files or something like that ? I said I was serious, but not that serious anyway !
    And sorry for the buzz, I will make my ask-and-answer for myself from now on ;)
  • yes for instance ;) . I think buzz on this forum is a good thing, it is fun, it keeps the ball a time not so long ago this forum was buzzier
  • Yes it is quiet.
    When the brand-new forum, quicker, with features, will replace this one, perhaps people will come again ?
  • Yeah, this is right. A not so long timed ago, this forum was almost teeming of participants eager to discuss and converse and fight and argue.
    But now: Desolation Road.

    What I really root for is cranking up the articipation in this forum. In face of the fact hat GG's subscribers are approaching one million (the amount of them, that is), the participation rate in the forum is comparatively low. I reckon we have approximately 15 steady participants, must of whom have even made themselves rare during the last year or so. Once in a while, a new user pops in, posing a question, waiting for a response, reading the response and giving a quick 'Thank You' - and that's it- never to be seen again.

    In order to boost the forum's participation rate and attendance, some measures are of the essence.
  • From Spoiler:

    ...But now: Desolation Road.

    The only other forum I regularly participe was once compared to a train station where trains never pass.
    Your image is nice too...
    I learnt couple of words in your post, thank you ! But I don't understand the end : some measures are "of the essence"
  • "of the essence" means "to be uterly important", "to be very urgent".

    A common expression in English is "time is of the essence", meaning "time is extremely scarce, we need to act as quickly as possible"

    I lent "of the essence" from that phrase, which is a little bit like misappropiation, but I should not be too incorrect, though.

    "Desolation Road" is also somehting I*m quoting. It's the title of a Bob Dylan song I like very much.
    And it's quite appropriate here, like the station without passing trains.
  • Sorry, of course "I [b]borrowed[/b] "of the essence", not [b]lent[/b]'. A false friend indeed.
  • Whouahhh, That wakes me up...
    so, i do like your question Pimpanella,( by the way,nice nick name ),
    but what leds to Bob Dylan ? i got lost in the mean time, never mind, i always feel lost.
    So... passing trains did you say? Did I "pass"Bob Dylan ? never mind, Bob Dylan,time other times....old-new is part of all trains...
    but shall we dance one more time ? Oh "gotan project"
    just got a(n) project... tango... it's the night for it, bob Dylan would agre, for sure.

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