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Do you know how many lessons are stored in the gg system ?
I've read somewhere that only 20 (or 10 ?) were stored, but it's not true, I've more than this in my workbook.
I am wonderning if it's usefull to keep the e mail I receive, lessons and corrections, so I can review the past ones (I'm very serious as a learner ;))
But I just realized my questioning was stupid, because if the lessons are not stored anymore, I won'nt be able to acces to them even if I kept the e mail.
So let's say that was just for talking :)

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  • ...But now: Desolation Road. The only other forum I regularly participe was once compared to a train station where trains never pass. Yes, true, there is more buzz on the Vendee Globe site. Just try "en" of course ;-) and then "positions" and "replay the race"'s a delight, isn't it ?

  • "The only other forum I regularly participe was once compared to a train station where trains never pass."

    well, it's a luck we have ghost trains ;)
    Ride on my ghost train
    You shouldn't do it, you shouldn't do it
    Ride on my ghost train
    Who can stop your past from rushing by
    Born to live one million stories high
    Into the night
    Into the day
  • Don't think I am back ;). During my holidays, I've just found a new way to make questionning and answering all together ;) , who cares ?
  • A few months ago, a colleague of mines told me : "how do you like Gymglish"; of course I gave an answer : just the truth about it, lessons, and a forum. He told me : "I think, I've got a better partner on the net : we'll be able to speak and be corrected". Yesterday, I told him :"...and what about your english lessons ?" , answer "nothin...the connected thing in the ears, it doesn't work..." ;-)
  • And thank you Spoiler for your explanation of "of the essence". I can't make it mine yet, because it's the first time I saw it, I have to keep it rolling in my head for a while.
  • Hi Gwendy, nice to meet you ! You like my question, maybe because you are doing like me, questionning and answering all together ;)

    What leds to Bob Dylan, well just fil en aiguille talking, but I didn't brought him, I barely know his name. It looks like you know and like him, as reading his name woke you up ? I will go and listen this song, Desolation Road, so I can say that in this forum I learn much more than english.

    I'm glad you like my nickname, I picked it in a movie. As soon as we'll have those new features we have been promised, lets hope : avatar, smileys, links, pictures... I'll show what movie I'm talking about.

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