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What do you think of the film "Schwarzfahrer" (Youtube), is it funny?


  • What do you think of the film "Schwarzfahrer" (Youtube), is it funny?
  • Do you want my opinion as to whether other people like or don't like this (award-winning) short film? I cannot and dare not speak for others and, furthermore, "they" is is a rather fuzzy thing. Some among other users might like the film, others don't. Until they haven't sounded their voice and given an opinion we don't know.

    To be honest, I wasn't particularly fond of this movie, either, in terms of "I liked it". And what the colored young man did was not legal, either. But the film, I guess, what not really made to be liked by the audience. The films intention was to make a statement and give the audience something to think about. It's like the work of an artist, a painter for that matter: He doesn't paint his picture for someone to like it, to hang it over the couch. That might the case with that film, too.

    Even though I might be rambling: The man taking the ticket from the old lady might be something like a metaphor for what we, the Western society, have done to the so-called 'Third World' for centuries: Exploiting them, taking away their resources and let them stand with egg on their face. He did that in return.
  • For me, this is a classical example for the tit-for-tat principle. Let the old lady feel what it is like to be judged and treated badly - unjustified. Now she's got her lesson what it feels like. The same thing she does to others all the time. I couldn't help but to gloat. And it was funny, because what the young man did was unexpected and very shrewd: Grabbing the tickes and swallowing it, well knowing what would happen. Brilliant!

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