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How can I do for cancel the signature

Please, someone knows what can I do to cancel definitively my signature for this course, and top cancel debit in my credit card.

On the site doesnt have a way to contact someone by phone or email, and to cancel this signature



  • I would tell you to use the "help" button in the top right of a lesson, then when you chose a question, there is a "contact us" possibility.
    I did so last week for a lesson I didnt'receive, and I'm still waiting for an answer :(

    I've seen a phone number on this page :
  • You really don't have to phone somebody personally.

    It's possible to cancel your subscription just by mouse-click: Just go to your [b]"Workbook"[/b], goto [b]"My Account" [/b] (the right topmost menu item). On the "My Account" site , click on [b]"Subscription Management"[/b] (the right menuitem in the second line). Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page, beneath all your montly invoices. There you'll find a link called [b]"Click here to cancel your GymGlish subscription"[/b]. with all subscription cancellation links (like the one on Facebookk or other online communities) this one is very well hidden.. ;)

    There you are. I don't know what is going to happen exactly when you click that link, because I've never touch it, but I'm sure the web page will lead you from there.

    Good luck!
  • P.S. I cannot unsubscribe myself. I have pledged GymGlish to be faithful until I die or my credit card
    do us part - depending on which event occurs first. When both events fall together, it will
    be bad luck for my heirs.
  • Hi Jairo,

    Spoiler is right. If you have any other questions regarding your subscription or your lessons, then please contact:


  • It seems that he's found his way out by himself...
  • What a pity. I wouln't have advised him to unsubscribe, I am sure he could benefited frot he course. But it's
    everbody's own decision. We've lost a fellow-learner.
  • But shouldn't we gain ten fellow-learners, as we have lost one ? ;)
  • Very funny. ;) Then hit the road, drum up business and recruit ten new subscribers.

    Albeit - as you might be aware - the number of subscribers is already aproaching one million, hence the number of subscribers is not the problem. The real problem is the incredible low participation rate in this forum, considering the vast number of GG subscribers.

    Let's estimate we have fifteen steady forum users (at most, an optimistic estimate) and currently 944.895 subscribers. Simply maths yields only 0.016 per mill forum participation rate.

    Well? The figures speak for themselves. And considering the fact that the leaving user hasn't shown any presence prior to his question (at least if we assume he hasn*t used a different nickname), we have to reconsider the apprehension that we've lost a fellow-learner. That I have to concede.
  • Yes you're right. We don't need more GG learners because if there were ten more, and even thousand, according to your statistics it wouldn't make a whole person to discuss with us in the forum, but only a part of one ;)
    And what we would like is to have more friends to play with in the playground, when we finish our lesson.

    What I suggest is to ask to the team who handle Gymglish, as they are renewing the forum, to make some advertising within the lessons : a banner writing that the brand-new forum is waiting for you, with many fellow-learners eager to discuss and argue with you. And also to make it nicer and more attractive to get in, instead of the grey button sqeezed between "my workbook" and the other one.

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