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Black Rider

funny or not. Please look at the shortfilm onto the end.


  • correction or rather supplement:

    And do you think Loriot is funny? Das schiefe Bild: The painting is hanging crooked on the wall or at an awkward angle.

    See: http://

    I ask this question because my Britain an Canadian friends weren't amused about these films, while my German buddies nearly splitted their sides with laughter...
  • funny or not. Please look at the shortfilm onto the end.
  • Don't know, I find both kinds of humor funny, Loriot's of course as good, sophisticated sample of German humour, and the British humour as well.

    Maybe one can write a doctoral thesis about why Germans have developed a special of humour and why most of them find Loriot hilarious, while Anglo-Saxons don't.

    Maybe it has somehting to do with their history, especially as an aftermath of Second World War they
    spawned. Don't know.

    But what I'm quite sure of is that Loriot's is debunking and spoofing the typical German bourgeois and philistine - something that Canadian, Americans and even British people don't have in their midst, at least their philistine's are different from the German ones.

    That's the reason why Germans are able to notice themselves and their unpleasnt fellow countrymen in Loriot's skits and are able to laught about them. Every Germann know at least one or some people like the one Loriot depicts. Canadians for example do not.

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